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Juntos is a program for the students and there are many resources available to the students. Whether you are looking for scholarships, information on getting to college, resources for parents, financial aid help, or you are interested in the mentorship program, Juntos has it all!

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Scholarship and College Resources

Preparing for college is a ominous idea for many people, but here at Juntos, we believe everyone has the potential to achieve higher education. Here are just a few resources that we could come up with!

First, what are scholarships and how many different types are there? Also what do I need to do to apply for college?

Here are two links that can clear up many confusions as well as provide information for you to achieve success!

Once you understand the different types of scholarships available to you, this knowledge makes finding them and applying a little easier.

It is very important that you fill out a FAFSA if possible. Some financial aid can be gained from FAFSA and this is need-based. The FAFSA is used by many colleges and is important for their personal financial aid packages.

Information for filling out the FAFSA is found here.

Below are a few scholarship lists and resources that could lead you to an affordable college tuition!

Remember, the list above does not include financial aid packages that is based on the college itself.

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Juntos Academy


2015 Juntos Summer Academy

Juntos Academy is a week long experience at NC State University where Latino High School youth participate in special university classes, college student panels, STEM activities, Arts, and leadership training. The Juntos Academy gives these Latino students the college experience for a week by letting them stay in college dorms, connecting with college age Team Captains, and learning what they need to do to get to and have success in college.

We are looking for college students who want to make an impact in the lives of Latino High School students. We call these students Team Captains and they serve as mentors and team leaders to students during the Academy.
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2017 Copa Unidos













College students from NCSU along with other universities and Juntos High School students from around the state of North Carolina will unite with one goal in mind: TO PLAY SOCCER! We invite all soccer lovers and players to register and be added to one of the teams for our 2017 Copa Unidos. There will be prizes for the 1st place winners. The number of games played will depend on the number of players who register. Friends and family are all invited to attend the tournament.

– The registration fee is $5, which includes lunch (A percentage of the registration cost will go towards the Juntos Scholarship).  You can pay online using a credit card or in-person with cash the day of the event.

– Teams are encouraged to  wear same colored t-shirts or design matching team shirts. Get Creative!!


*Community service hours will be provided. Please bring proper documentation if applicable*

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NC Society of Hispanic Professionals

A great resource for students! Learn more here:

Check out scholarships, SAT/ACT Testing tools or Financial Aid help.
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