Since the program began in 2007, parts of the Juntos Program have been held in close to a hundred communities around the US including: North Carolina, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri, Arizona, Oklahoma, New York, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Alabama, and Illinois.

Juntos has had a real-world impact on the academic success of thousands of parents and youth across the US.  Since inception Juntos has grown from primarily a family engagement curriculum to a comprehensive program that empowers students and their families to gain the knowledge and resources they need for success via four components: Family Empowerment; 4-H Clubs; Success Coaching and Mentoring; and a Summer Juntos Academy. Families attend the Juntos Family Workshop Series and Family Nights where parents learn how to help their youth be successful in school. Students also join a 4-H Club which focuses on community service and public speaking. Students in the program receive monthly one-on-one coaching by a trained Success Coach to further assist students in their school experience.  The Juntos Summer Academy allows students to experience college for a week at NC State University.

2015-2016 Brief Report

2014-2015 Brief Report

2014-2015 Brief Report

 2013-2013 Brief Report


Research Evidence for the Juntos ProgramPre- and post-test evaluation data from 134 Latino youth and 176 Latino parents that have completed the program showed significant increases in learning, attitudes, and skills gained. Results from these evaluations using a Wilcoxon sign test have revealed significant mean differences from pre- to post-tests (See Table 1). Parents and youth reported an increased understanding of NC graduation requirements, classes needed, higher education options, financial aid options, and necessary tests. Parents report a significant increase in their monitoring their child’s homework, meeting with school staff, and increased skills and knowledge about the college application process. Youth reported significant increase in their planning for after high school and sharing those goals with their parents.

Table 1. Wilcoxon Pre- and Post-Test Mean Differences for The Juntos Program

In addition to statistics, 92% of parents increased confidence in working with their child’s school and  93% of parents reported that they felt they had the information they needed to help their teenager successfully complete high school.   In addition, 72% of participants attended all of the workshop sessions, and more than 60% of the families had a father present. A team of four bilingual educators (with the input of school guidance counselors, school administrators, university recruiters, and other partners) used the results from in-depth pre- and post-test surveys to improve the program content and methodology, with each iteration of the program. From an older study of Juntos-

Parents have said:

  • “Because of my participation in the Juntos program, I feel better able to ask for help for my child.”
  • “I feel better able to find information to help my child get to college.”
  • “What I liked most from the Juntos sessions was learning how things are here in NC because things are so different than the systems in our home countries.”

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