Juntos Estamos Conectados Edición 2

I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday! (Hey we made it to the end of the week!)

Here at Juntos we are as busy as always, planning for events such as… Copa Unidos. I cannot share any news quite yet, so stay tuned here and on our Social Media for updates (Mainly Social Media).

Around the Juntos county clubs and programs, we have recent news and upcoming events!

Catawba County had their first family workshop at St. Stephens High School where parents and students built a “bridge” from high school to college. The bridge is a very strong metaphor because the leap from high school to college is similar to crossing a bridge. It can be scary, but a well built bridge can give you confidence to take the first steps forward.

Hey, flashback to the Family Day Caps that were written promises between child and parents!

Since then, they have had more workshops! During workshop 3, high school counselors spoke to students as guest speakers and a CTE teacher, Renee Lovejoy, volunteered to teach younger siblings how to code! Then, I assume, workshop 4, they had a few guests: Donna Weaver from CFNC, Lori Devine from 4-H and a fellow high school student who volunteered to help!

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In upcoming events, other than Copa Unidos, Sampson County’s annual Soccer tournament is right around the corner! Students from middle school to high school will be able to participate, however the divisions are split between three days. March 24th is middle school division, March 25th is high school (male only division) and March 26th is college division (co-ed). It should be fun days full of soccer!

Thank you to Holly Ellwanger and Kathriene Rivera for sharing!