Juntos Youth Leadership Conference Day

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On Saturday February 11, leaders from Juntos 4-H clubs came to the Juntos office to learn about the importance of team-work, how to enhance leadership skills, and gain resources for them to take back to their communities.

The conference day started early in the morning where they began by reflecting on the traits they could improve as a leader through the conference and what traits they already possess. To get them into the swing of things, an icebreaker about ‘where they stand’ was given. Question ranged from serious to light-hearted, such as what-if scenarios.

Afterwards, guests Kerry and Emmett presented about leadership roles within 4-H and of their own experiences as leaders. The activity that followed were mock 4-H meetings where students were split into groups with roles of either president, vice president, secretary, and reporter. Within these groups they were given an issue that was to be solved by them. After discussing possible solutions, they all shared their awesome ideas with the group.

Come lunch time, students were able to meet important Juntos faculty and staff that they could network with. During this time, recognition was given to directors for their accomplishments, dedication, and passion. After lunch was over, students were able to join small panel discussions with current leaders. The topics ranged from communication to sustainability!

Speaking of sustainability, the day was quite nice and a visit to the Rauslton Aboretum next door was in the plan! Here students were able to enjoy a nice day outside in a beautiful Aboretum and learn about important skills and ideas they could bring back to their 4-H clubs.

Students enjoyed a day of fun and learning here at Juntos. They learned not only about resources and useful skills, they were able to network with many amazing individuals!

Remember to give them the L! Two Ls make a win!